Hansin Team Building Day 2020

Update: 27-11-2020

On November 26, all the staff of Hansin gathered in Yun […]

On November 26, all the staff of Hansin gathered in Yunan Town,Lin’an and had a lovely team-building activity here.

Long walking alone the greenway,team tug-of-war competition, interesting pass -through game, orchard treasure searching, these lively and diversely team-building activities not only make the employees relaxed their body but also let Hansin people realize the strength of the team and the art of cooperation.

After the team-building activities, the company also held a meeting of middle and senior management leaders, the theme of which was to enhance the cooperation between departments, as well as the mobilization meeting at the end of the year. At the meeting,Mr.Wang,GM of hansin also shared the development prospects and future of the company, so that we have more confidence and strength to face unknown opportunities and challenges!

We all believe that Hansin will become better and stronger.


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